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INTRODUCTION: In our work life, we know this group of people doing these tasks at this time. But to fully understand our managing/boss style we need to step back and examine other people doing other things and ask ourselves:“how would I deal with this situation?” To accomplish this we turn to “reality” TV – the show is called BELOW DECK MEDITERRANEAN. It is the story of a charter yacht and its crew as it picks up rich guests for short tours, feeds them, brings them drinks, lets them play on the water AND, hopefully, at the end, guests give a big gratuity.

The hierarchy is as follows:

  • Captain Ken, the bald haired man in the center is both pilot and also runs the boat
  • The spikey haired one, Ben, third from the right, is the chef who must serve meals that “wow” the guests.—3 to 4 times a day.
  • Hannah, second from right, is the Chief Steward — runs the inner ship, serves drinks, serves meals, cleans the rooms, and her subordinates are Tiffany, 4th from right and Julia, last on right.
  • Bryan, 4th from left, 1st officer, manages the deck crew in a somewhat authoritarian manner. His crew: Bobby, Danny, and Jen,
    1st, 2nd, 3rd from left.

To rent the Ionian Princess is not cheap:

And it is the job of the crew to provide the meals, recreation, drinks, parties and overall services that results in a big tip at the end – usually 10% to 20% of the rental fee – or €14,500 Euro’s to €29,000 Euro’s split equally between the nine crew members or €1,611 to €3,222 per person – in dollars this equals: $1823 to $3647. For a week.

What makes reality TV is twofold:

  • The disputes between the various section and individuals
  • The love interest of the crew as they are cooped up together in a very small place. [which is of less interest to us but it does help to explain a culture where 11 people are in close quarters with intense interactions for a full week.]

For the purposes of assessing our management style our focus is:

  • The dispute between the chef and the chief steward about a very special meal to celebrate an anniversary and whether it was two courses or three courses.
  • The dispute between the chief of the deck and Danny who is a fun loving emotional guy
  • The dispute between the chief of the deck and Jen, the only woman on his crew.
  • The dispute between Bryan and 1st Officer and Hannah about the clearning of the crew mess.
  • The dispute between the whole crew and Danny who likes to get “friendly” with the guests and lowers the professional boundary.

Click on episodes [if you have a provider – OR you can purchase for $1.99 at Amazon or at google play for $1.99] Watch Here
If you have the time/interest click on the first episode to get a feel for the people and situation Watch Here
To get a look at the boat and its amenities: Watch Here, Watch Here, Watch Here
To get an overview of the issues, go to:Watch Here
If your time is limited you can go ONLY TO THE RELEVANT CLIPS:

  • Ben serves two courses, Hannah and guests think it is three: Watch Here
  • Danny falls in love with a guest: Watch Here
  • Danny clashing with his boss Watch Here
  • Danny, lowest member of crew, telling off Hannah, Chief Steward off Watch Here
  • Hannah getting her revenge by reporting Danny to the Captain Watch Here
  • Hannah clashing with Bryan after he scolds her for discussing work issues over drinks on crew’s time off: Watch Here
  • Hannah clashing with Bryan about his ordering her subordinates to clean the mess Watch Here

Assume you are the Captain

  • Ben comes to complain about 2 versus 3 coures and lays the blame on Hannah.
  • Bryan comes to see you about Danny
  • Brian comes to see you about Hannah and the mess.
  • Hannah comes to see you about Danny sharing pictures of past female charter guests with men on the next charter.


  • Assume, as Captain, it is time for performance review of:
  • Ben
  • Hannah
  • Brad
  • Danny

What does each one need to hear; need to improve.
Whom are you willing to forgive; whom not willing to forgive?
Remember this is a way to test you skills against complicated situations.
BIGGER QUESTION: if you apply the 4 letters/MyersBriggs/Keirsey to this situation you discover:
I would look forward to seeing your answers to these question.

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