Frequently Asked Questions

This website provides two types of content:
– VISITOR: will have access to 20% of website content
– USER: upon registration, will have access to 100% of website contentThis website offers executive coaching and team-building coaching. You may sign up on the website.
if you took courses at IDP or Berkelely Extension, this coaching is free
for others, a charge of $45 per session
1. How do I request for a coaching class?

a. Navigate to the coaching tab on the main page and click request for Coaching. Fill in the request page and I will get in touch with as soon as possible.
2. Typically how long will a coaching session last?
a. It can be one or many sessions depending on how much coaching you require and the specific area you need development on.
3. If I drop out mid-way through a series of coaching, will I get a refund?
a. Yes you may, after deduction of a 10% refund processing fees